Why some profile pictures will soon be marked with a clock on WHATSAPP? (new feature)

WhatsApp is once again testing new features in a recent beta version of Messenger. In the preliminary version, two features known from previous betas are being revised and improved.

WhatsApp had already introduced the new message self-destruct feature in the beta version released in March. WhatsApp messages can be automatically deleted after one hour, one day, one week, one month, or one year after activation via the contact info or group settings. The latest beta version 2.20.110 for Android introduces some changes to the feature, as the always well-informed WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo reports.

First of all it is noticeable that the delete function now has a different name: While it was first known in the menu as “Disappearing Messages” and later as “Delete Messages”, it has now been renamed “Expiring Messages”.

Also new: If the “Expiring Messages” are activated, the respective chats are marked in the overview with a small clock symbol next to the profile or group picture. The symbol can also be seen in the opened chat window.

While the self-destruction function in individual chats is selectable for all beta users, in groups only administrators can use it, at least for the time being. According to WABetaInfo the feature is still in the test phase – a date for the roll-out for all WhatsApp users is not yet foreseeable.

WhatsApp: Using one account on multiple devices
WhatsApp developers have also adapted another feature introduced in earlier beta versions. In October 2019, the first indications appeared in a beta version that a WhatsApp account would be usable on several devices in the future.

As soon as a chat partner with the latest beta version adds a new device to the existing account, the other party will be informed about this step with a notification in the chat. The background: WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end – when a new device is added to the account, the encryption key changes.