Use 3 Ways to Sign Out of your Google Play Account

Google Play or Play Store, as it used to be called, is an online store of apps, games, movies and music for the Android operating system. A Google Account is used to enter the store, and your smartphone or tablet will be synchronized with it (if desired). Some users need to log out of their account (for example, to change it to another one), but almost no one knows how to do this. I will give you some simple solutions.

Log out Google Play Account

Way One
We need to remove the account from the device itself. To do this, go to “Settings”, “Accounts” in the device and select the desired profile. Here we see the details of the account:

Delete the account. Before you do this, the system will ask you to confirm the decision and remind you that your actions may lead to the loss of contacts, messages and some other data associated with the device. The loss is only possible if this data was synchronized with this account, I did not do it.

We are now logged into Google Play and, voila, the system asks us to enter either the data for an existing account or to create a new one (instruction manual).

The second way
You can make a Factory Reset. However, I would not recommend using this method because, firstly, the data that is important to you can be deleted, and secondly, some devices that have the custom firmware installed can turn into bricks.

The third way.
Finally, you can do this by opening, logging into your Google Play account, and changing your password. Then, go to the online store from your device and it will ask you to sign into another account or create a new one.