Top 9 Instagram Tips / Hacks Everyone Should Know in [2020]

9 Instagram Tips / Hacks for 2020

Rainbow writing
Just one font color is boring? With a little practice and intuition, every text in Stories gets a colorful gradient: Simply select the entire text, tap on a color and hold it down until the gradient appears. Then tap at the beginning or end of the text and move both fingers at the same time, one over the gradient, the other over the letters, and each letter will have a different color. By wiping over the three dots you can switch between different palettes, for example grayscale or pastel shades.

Split feed contributions into stories
Share feed posts from others in your own story to make your community aware of it. Just tap the paper airplane icon as if you wanted to share the post via Direct and select “Add post to your story”.

Upload an entire story at once
You can upload multiple images at once to Stories and edit them together or independently. Just tap “select multiple” and upload up to ten stories at once.

Manage your filters
Are there any filters you don’t use? Scroll to the end of the filter selection and tap Manage Filters to find out and use any hidden filters. You can change the order in which filters are displayed by tapping and holding a filter until the button moves.

Set and arrange bookmarks
You can bookmark posts and view them later, they are stored on your profile and only visible to you. You can also organize saved posts into collections for a better overview.

Create IGTV Channel
You want to set up your own IGTV channel? It’s easy: Open IGTV, tap the wheel and select “Create Channel” – and you can upload longer videos than the ones in the feed. When you end a live, a “save” button appears in the upper right corner of the screen. This allows you to share a live video in stories later and make it available for longer.

Profile Description pimp
How do others actually get these perfectly formatted texts in their bio? It’s easy – you can insert a line break, for example, by writing the text in a notes app, inserting the line breaks there, and then simply copying them into Instagram.

Sending self-extinguishing pictures
Did you know that in Direct you can determine yourself how often someone can view a picture you send them? Just take a photo in Direct and then choose under the picture whether the other person can view the picture one or more times, and whether the picture stays in the chat.

Manage comment settings
On Instagram you have some comment settings available: You can block certain people, delete individual comments or turn off comments for your profile completely. In addition, you can choose what type of comment you want to hide – for example, certain emojis or individual words.