Top 7 Galaxy Watch Apps for 2020

Samsung Galaxy Watch was presented at today’s unpacked event. And it’s not only impressive in terms of performance, but also in terms of design. Round dial, modern design that doesn’t look too futuristic: Samsung has hit the bull’s eye. It comes with a silicone strap in Rose Gold, Midnight Black and Silver, which is said to make it very comfortable to wear. And if you think otherwise, you can simply change the strap – of course, Samsung cannot afford any less decadence.

The fundamental Samsung Gear applications will be working fine on new wearables, for example, wellness applications Samsung Health, SmartThings, Samsung Flow, Samsung Pay, and other Samsung applications. The Galaxy App Store has some must-have applications in the library that you may utilize every day. Those are wellness applications, music, news perusing, watch faces, and taxi calling applications. Here is the rundown of the best 7 best applications for Samsung Galaxy Watch. All the recorded applications are accessible in the Gear Store/Galaxy Watch Store, and you can download these from the Galaxy smartwatch.

Top 7 Galaxy Watch Apps


It is the must-have app for every music lover. Spotify is a popular music streaming service with a vast library of songs. After the tie-up between Samsung & Spotify, it is free for the first six months on any Samsung Gear wearable, including the new Galaxy Watch. After that, you have to pay for their premium subscription, or you can go with free by viewing ads. It is best to listen to simplified English & Spanish songs although it has significant numbers of other songs.


Here WeGo is the only navigation app you need to find a way into the new cities. It makes navigation easy to explore unknown cities by giving you exact routes. The easy guidance, perfect GPS, and useful map are the ideal combinations to reach on your destination. The Galaxy Watch doesn’t have Google Maps or Apple Maps, but why you need them when you can use Here WeGo.


Galaxy Watch Apps
It is the best taxi sharing app, and its availability in major countries makes it a must use the app. The Uber app launched on Gear watches two years ago, and since then it is helping users to book their taxi. You can book your ride in a minute from any cities and can also track your taxi. Uber X, SUV, and Pool services are available to leave you at your destination.


Are you a Twitter user and want to get all the tweets from famous persons? Then the Twitter Trend app is best suitable for you. With the app, you can get all the tweets from your account on the main screen. You can scroll to read the next tweets. On Twitter Trends, you can like, share, or reply to the tweets. It has the option to delete the tweets which you found awkward. Download this app from the store to stay up-to-date with your Twitter account.


The best news reading app, Flipboard, is available on Samsung smartwatch. It is the best news briefing app in the store and well built for rounded bezels. Read all breaking news or other essential news from the trusted websites in the world. You can choose your favorite category to get a daily dose. It covers Sport, Movies, Science, Politics, Technology, Space, Social Media, Business, and many other essential news categories.


Well, Find My Car may not be for every user, but very helpful for those who have a car. This app will help you to track your vehicle, no matter where you leave it. It will work as a protector of your hard earned BMW, Audi, Ferrari, or any other brand when you go your car on the road or in a new area. It is a straightforward and secure app. open your account to the Find My Car and give all the information about your car and connect it.


Now you can turn the Galaxy watch into the best camera shooter with the Camera One app. The app is built to capture beautiful images and record videos. It is a simple app to try, and you may feel familiar with it on Gear S3 Frontier, and Gear S3 Classic watches. The Camera Gear app is free of cost, and you can install it on a new digital watch.