Top 5 Pubg Mobile Tips & Tricks to Win Chicken Dinner

For beginners, you should first know that PUBG will take you all the way to the end in a 100-person team or against a team of 25 teams. Whether you’re one of the players looking for the best weapons you can find and can set all the weapons aflame, or opt for a more stealthy approach, there are some gameplay basics that everyone must apply when you enter the battlefield.
PlayerUnknown battlefield or also called PUBG Mobile. There are many players, and if you’re relatively new to PUBG Mobile or Battle Royale games, we have some great tips and tricks to help you get the chicken dinner. Here are some great PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that can help you win the best Chicken Dinner and improve your game play. Follow these PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to significantly improve your chances of winning the Chicken Dinner and have more fun playing the game

PUBG Mobile Tip 1- Parachute

Don’t obviously land in water. Choose where you can land very carefully.

Where you land in the game has a big impact on your chances of winning. Although you may be tempted to land in places like the military base or school due to the large amount of loot, they are also filled with enemies. Landing in these popular locations will reduce your chances of survival to even make it to the end of the game. That’s why this is our first place list of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

As a rule of thumb, you want to target the promising loot points on the game map while avoiding as many other players as possible. There are some areas where the best weapons and armor are regularly available, such as the military base, the power plant or the various major cities in the original Erangel map. Keep in mind, however, that other experienced players will go there as well.

Once you’ve jumped out of the cargo plane, keep an eye out for swarms of other players going to a single location, and avoid areas like the plague.

If you’re in free fall, not only can you drift aimlessly, but you can set a safe area, preferably in buildings where you can get some loot. Buildings appear as white blocks on the minimap. So make sure you are heading in the right direction.

If you cannot see properly, you can always open your parachute early and land in a decent zone. However, be aware that every second you spend in the sky is a second your opponents will use to equip some loot.

Booty first, shoot later

Let me stress this one last time – if you die in PUBG, you die. In solo play there is no second chance, and in teams this means that if you keep coming down early and every time you get knocked out, you jeopardize your team’s chances of winning, and every time you get knocked out, your health goxes x, where x is the number of times you’ve been knocked out, which is before you got knocked out.

Once you hit the ground, your first priority is to be prepared so that you are not cut off in the first fight. You will find that the crucial loot is scattered around buildings and the crates are dropped. The latter contains the most sought-after weapons like the insanely powerful AWM sniper rifle. Remember, however, that you won’t be the only one who wants to grab the master weapon.

PUBG Mobile Tip 2 – Supply loot

Be sure to release the item in a storage container if you are in a squad. The most important loot in the early stages is a half-decent weapon, ammunition and proper armor, as well as a backpack upgrade so that you have enough room for better gear when exploring. Any weapon is better than your fists or even the big PUBG pan, so grab nearby firearms before attacking an enemy.

Armor is also important so you can get more hits in a firefight. Like the rucksack, head and body armor is rated from level 1 to 3, but level 3 is rather rare. Aim for level 2 armour before setting a scrap or level 1 to a minimum, and look at your armo before you start fighting.

Health products also have priority. First aid kits are preferable, but bandages, painkillers and the like will all help. Thrown items such as grenades will become more important later as an offensive or distraction tool once the number of players has decreased. However, don’t be afraid of an explosive surprise if you come across an unsuspecting group early on.

PUBG Mobile Tip 3 – Destination

See the tiny outline of a person? Do not fire unless you are in range.

This is the ultimate rookie mistake, and you’ll get killed in PUBG Mobile more than anything else. Deciding when to hide and when to attack is a difficult balancing act. However, you should never open fire unless you know your weapon has a chance to hit the target and you have protection when they take revenge.

Knowing when you are in range will be a bit of practice for complete novices. If you have experience with player versus player shooters, you already have a good understanding of the basics. Shotguns and the SMGs are useful for melee damage, assault rifles and shooters are middle class combat, and sniper rifles are ideal for long range shooting.

Attachments can extend the range of some weapons – assault rifles with scopes can sometimes be better than sniper rifles – but some weapons are only useful in certain circumstances. Shotguns, for example, are a great tool for clearing a building, but are virtually useless in open fields.

Try to have complementary weapons on hand whenever possible, and do not carry two weapons that serve the same purpose. If you are carrying a sniper, you should carry a pistol for your back when you run out of bullets in close combat.

PUBG Mobile Tip 4 – Keep an eye on the map

It takes a whole series of games to learn the layout of certain areas of the PUBG card. As you get used to the landscape, make sure you pay attention to the mini-map and keep an eye on the diminishing game area.

In PUBG, the only safe area is within “The Circle”. This circle will shrink at certain times during the game. If you are outside the circle for too long, you will eventually die.

The damage you suffer in this electrified blue field will increase the smaller the circle is. At an early stage you will be fine for a few minutes.

Time to go. Each new circle will appear on your map as a white outline. When you look at your map, you will always know where to go next. There is no need to rush in the early stages, but in the end you will have to move to avoid death while trying to get rid of other players who are doing the same. You should always try to stay under cover wherever possible, but if you need to move, move quickly and purposefully.

The minimap also has one last trick up its sleeve that you need to watch out for – a fire alarm. If you hear gunfire near you, take a quick look at the map and it shows you exactly where it’s coming from.

PUBG Mobile Tipp 5- Vehicle

You can lean out of the cars from the passenger seat for some sharp passing by.

Wheels are better than legs

You got someplace you need to be? Then you need a vehicle…vehicles are scattered all around the playing cards, but they are most often found near the major cities and on the main roads.

While there are many vehicles, there are unfortunately up to 99 other players who may be behind the wheel. Make sure it is safe before you approach.