Servers are too busy in PUBG | How to Solve it? Troubleshooting

The biggest problem players are currently facing is the error message “Connection error” (or another option). One of the reasons you may have encountered this problem is related to the latest Battlegrounds patch. If you continue to experience problems after the developers have fixed the situation, you can follow these steps. The easiest way to troubleshoot connection problems in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is to restart your computer. While this might seem trivial, one of the main reasons for the Connection Error message is a recent game update. If you have not restarted your computer after downloading the update, try this method first. In addition to restarting your computer, you can also restart your router or modem by connecting your PC directly. This can be helpful if your router settings are affecting the game. Also, don’t forget to check if the gadget’s firmware has been updated.

Troubleshooting Servers are too busy in PUBG.

What is this error
Server problems have been most common with PUBG since its introduction, but it has recently peaked. Most average users experience problems at least a few times per hour. Players who prefer a version for a smartphone are not aware of this error – it occurs on PC versions on Steam. The official website reported that the game has gained popularity much faster than planned and that servers are not yet effective enough to handle thousands of simultaneous requests.

Causes of errors
Why does PUBG show the error message “Servers are too busy, please try again later” (servers are too busy) and what should I do? The only reason why the error message is displayed is that experiment servers or main servers on the BATTLEGROUNDS of PLAYERUNKNOWN are inactive. There are several reasons why servers are overloaded or not working.

More players from one region
This is the main cause of PUBG errors. Servers are designed to serve only a certain number of players at a time. If you play during peak hours, such as Sunday evening, more people can play at the same time. This increases the load on the server and causes the error message “The servers are too busy. Please try again later.” This is displayed.

Server under maintenance
This is another common reason. PUBG developers will introduce regular updates and server maintenance. Some updates will not affect the gameplay. You can install the latest update and continue playing without any problems. But sometimes the server maintenance takes longer. Example: Adding new servers, updating existing capacity, etc. At this time, the servers are unavailable and an error message appears on the screen.

What to do with the servers, are too busy errors in PUBG
D This game has many servers all over the world that can handle thousands of requests simultaneously. Each time you enter the game, you connect to the next one. If the problem is on the server, follow these steps:

Open the game and check if an error occurs. Try pressing the “Reconnect” button a few times. If this does not work, continue with step 2.
If an error message is displayed, click on the globe icon in the bottom right corner.
A full list of servers will open. You can move the server to another location and try to connect again.
IMPORTANT IMPORTANT! This only works if your local server is full. In some cases, a message is displayed during server maintenance that the server is busy. At this time, no more server changes are available.

Make sure that the servers are working properly by following the recommendations in the previous tip. If you have already tried to reconnect but an error occurs, disconnect from the Internet and reconnect. After you reconnect to the Internet, click the Reconnect button again to verify that the servers are working.

Wednesday – “Day of the update
This means that your PUBG receives an update that may be important for solving some problems. Be sure to check the Steam client and check for incoming updates. Once you have installed a new update, you must restart Steam to get the latest version of the game. Even though today is not an “update day”, sometimes an unexpected small update may be launched, which is released from time to time to fix a critical bug. In any case, the best solution is to stay up to date or know if updates are coming in, log in to the official developer account on Twitter and check for new announcements. If the server is currently being updated, stay up to date and wait until the end. If no maintenance is being performed, this may indicate that your error has occurred. In this case, continue with the next tips.

Modem reset
Resetting the modem by switching it off and on again with the power switch can help to eliminate the error caused by a bad connection. You can also try to find out if there is a tiny reset hole on the back of the modem that can be used for a hard reset – a much more efficient way to restore the factory settings. This helped to fix the bug for both users in the Steam forums and in the PUBG forums.

Disable proxy settings (Windows 10)
If your computer is running Windows 10, disable the proxy settings. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Windows Search tool, indicated by the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of your PC. Enter Proxy.
In the list that opens, select the option “Change proxy server settings” (if no such option is available, select Proxy server settings / Change proxy server settings).
On the page that opens, automatic and manual settings for the proxy server are made. Uncheck the “Detect settings automatically” option in the “Automatic proxy server settings” section and the “Use proxy server” option in the “Manual proxy server settings” section.

Is done Restart PUBG and try connecting to the servers again to see if the problem with the servers is resolved.

After the last update of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, some players experienced connection issues, specifically the “Connection Failed” screen. Of course, this prompted the community to look for workarounds until the developers could resolve the problem. Several useful solutions were presented, which we have compiled to help you get started with the game. Before submitting a support request, please try to resolve connectivity issues in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds using our manual.

Connection error
The following advice may seem trivial, but make sure your version of Windows is up to date. If your computer is not configured to update automatically, updating can help resolve connection problems in the battlefields. To check if you’ve been updated, go to your computer’s settings, and in the “Update and security” section, click “Check for updates”.

Another solution is that your game files are present and in perfect condition. To do this, go to Steam, right-click PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, go to the Properties tab, and then go to the Local Files tab. There you will find the button “Check the integrity of the game files”. If something is wrong, this may cause connection problems. If not, proceed to the next option.

If you continue with the “Connection Errors” bug fixes on the Battlegrounds, you will need to make sure that you have the correct drivers installed for your GPU. Like AMD, Nvidia usually uses an auto-update program. However, additional damage never hurts. Go to the GeForce program and select “Automatic driver update”. You can also do this on the website – select “Automatically detect and install drivers” in the support area.