Pubg Mobile Ranking System Points List [2020]

Pubg Mobile Ranking System Points List – With Update 22, PUBG Corp. has introduced a ranking system in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. But how exactly does it work? In the following, shortly before the release of the title on the PlayStation 4 (PUBG for PS4), we want to go into some details you should know to get an overview of the system.

First of all: Each mode has its own rating for you. This means that depending on whether you are solo, duo or squad, you will move on a different “Elo”. The perspective also shares the leaderboards once again. Altogether there are the following leagues in which you can be classified:

First Person Solo
first person duo
First Person Squad
Third Person Solo
Third Person Duo
Third Person Squad

This has the advantage that you can vary your level a little bit depending on your fellow players. If you’re a regular and successful player on your own, you can play in a duo with your friend Peter, who prefers to play every other week for an evening of fun, at a level that suits him.

How does the game know which league I belong to?
As in many other competitive titles, at the beginning of each season, it is first of all determined in which skill level the individual player roughly belongs, before the aim is to move up in the leagues themselves. In order to find this out, ten games are played per ranking list, which decide in which rank you are placed. PUBG distinguishes eight different skill levels. Starting with Bronze, players work their way up through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite and Master to the rank of Grandmaster. This is where you can actually find the best of the best survivors and shooters.

Exciting details in the overview
What information does the statistic offer besides my current rank in the current season? In addition to the actual rank, the career overview in the main menu offers numerous other facts and data for you to read up on. For example, the ranking points you need to reach the next higher ranking, the average rank in relation to all games you have played in this league so far and much more. You can also see the ratio of kills to deaths and the average damage caused per match.

Even details like the average survival time or the most distant kill can be read without any problems. After the action, you can take your time to analyze in which aspects you are doing well compared to other players and where you might have some catching up to do. Especially the number under the headline “Team Kills” should cause hot discussions from time to time.