Improve Aiming in PUBG Mobile | Pubg Mobile Shooting Tips | Better Aim Techniques

Those who have been playing the video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for a long time will have noticed at some point that armed combat is not very common in this game. Unlike other first-person shooter (FPS) games, such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Battlefield, PUBG’s goal is not to eliminate as many enemies as possible, but to survive. And the truth is that technically it is possible to survive without firing a single shot.

Even if the game does not require constant shooting, we all know that marksmanship is a key element in ensuring such survival. That’s why, generally speaking, the one who can aim best is the one who wins.

The best methods: How to improve your aim in PUBG Mobile?

Many will have asked themselves how it is possible to improve the aim in PUBG with the tools that are offered to us, the main topic that we are going to treat here with different methods and unconventional proposals.

The basic principles: distances, sights and playing style
Although most people think that having better aim is a matter of speed with the mouse, it is essential, before proposing more advanced techniques, to have some clear concepts and know how the weapons work.

First of all, we have to be clear about the concept of distance and bullet drop, something that happens frequently in this game, especially considering that the distances are immense. As a rule, shooting at too great a distance is a bad idea, since not only are there many chances of missing the shot, but also the noise of the shot gives away our position.

That’s why it’s usually best to keep a maximum shooting area and not to go outside it. To give an example, we could establish that this area is 500 metres in radius. Thanks to the mini-map and the large map we can better understand the distances in the game so that we know, with some caution, how far away any target is in the game. A large square on the large map is equivalent to 1 kilometer and a square on the mini-map is 100 meters.

Game style: choosing the right weapon and sight
Once we know how far away from us each point on the map is in PUGB, the next step is to choose a weapon and sight according to the shot. Just as there’s no point in trying to shoot an enemy from 30 metres away with a sniper’s gun, there’s no point in trying to hit an enemy from 400 metres away with a sub-machine gun, even if we have a long-range sight. If we look closely, when we shoot with a spyhole we can see the bullet fall from all the weapons in the form of a yellow dot. It is important to observe carefully in order to know precisely the distances these weapons reach.

Finally, we must not forget the recoil of the weapons: it is not only important to know how to aim, but also to know how to keep the shot against a moving target. This can only be improved by practice and knowing well the recoil of each weapon, which brings us to the last point.

Real and intense combat practice
Even if we have played other FPS in the past, we have to take into account that PUBG has nothing to do with it in many aspects. That’s why there are game modes like “War Mode” that might be useful for us. Unlike classic survival games, in this mode we can play and shoot constantly without having to wait for anything and we will have access to many weapons available everywhere.

It is the closest thing to the classic “Deathmatch” modes, common for the FPS genre. Most professional players enter these modes to practice their marksmanship, and of course PUBG is the same way: this mode is a perfect system to practice and improve your skills.