How to Unlock Keyboard | Fix Frozen Computer Keyboard Windows 10

How to unlock keyboard windows 10 – If your Windows 10 keyboard is locked, this may be due to various reasons. With a locked keyboard you cannot make any entries, of course.

There are two possible reasons why your keystrokes do not make any entries. If this is a keyboard for laptops, it is possible that it was accidentally locked by a key combination. Look for the “Fn-key” and look at the symbols (usually in blue) on the keys “F1” to “F12“. If you find a symbol that looks like a crossed-out keyboard, press the “Fn key” and the key with the symbol. Now the laptop keyboard should work again.

This may be the reason if your Windows 10 keyboard is locked

If the keyboard is connected to a PC, the Windows 10 keyboard may be locked due to an incorrect setting. Correct this with the following instructions.

How to unlock keyboard for Windows 10

To unlock the Windows 10 keyboard takes only a few steps:
Press the Windows icon and go to the “Settings” item, which is represented as a gear wheel.
Select the menu item “Ease of use“.
Select the “Keyboard” tab on the left. Switch off the “Stop delay“.
Contrary to the snap-in function, the stop delay can cause no more letters to be entered at all. Your keyboard should now function as usual. If this is not the case, you could also try a new installation of the keyboard or simply disconnect the connection between the locked Windows 10 keyboard and the PC.