How to Recall an Email in Gmail? | Gmail Recall Email After an Hour

Email accidents can happen quickly: Wrong recipient, the mail is not quite finished or attachments are missing and accidentally sent. Fortunately, you can call back your emails at Gmail – at least for a while.

Being able to call back an email written in Gmail sounds great. In fact, it’s much easier: The written mail is marked as sent, but in fact it won’t be sent for some time. In this time (between 5 and 30 seconds) you can still change your mind. If you click or tap the button during this time, the mail will be cancelled. So you should keep this in mind if you want to send a mail immediately. Once you have sent a message, you cannot retrieve it and you cannot delete it from the recipient.

Gmail in the browser: Recall mail and set time
Basically, the webmail interface of Gmail always offers the possibility to call back an e-mail. The feature cannot be turned off completely.

So you can call back an email you sent in Gmail:

Open the webmail interface of Gmail and log in with your access data if necessary.
Click on the “Write” button in the upper left corner.
Now write your mail as usual and click on the “Send” button at the bottom left.
At the same moment a black bar will appear in the lower left corner, offering you the option “Undo”. It remains visible for at least 5 seconds. During this time you can click on the option and the email will not be sent.
Once the black bar disappears, you have missed your chance. From that moment on you will not be able to retrieve your email. You can set how long the bar is visible in the settings:

Click on the gear icon below your profile icon to open the Gmail settings.
In the “General” tab of the settings, you will find the section “Retrieve email” at the top.
There you can set a time between 5 and 30 seconds in a pull-down menu within which Gmail can recall emails.
Strictly speaking, you can only set the length of the waiting time until Gmail actually sends your mails.

Recall email sent in Gmail in Android

To use the callback feature in Android, you need the Gmail app. Other email programs usually do not offer this feature. Unfortunately there is no possibility to set the callback period in the Gmail app. After about 5 seconds the mail is gone and cannot be called back.

This is how you call back an email in Gmail for Android:

Open the Gmail app and write an email.
Then tap on the send icon to send it.
At the same moment, the black bar at the top of the display will appear at the bottom of the screen.
You now have about 5 seconds to tap on “Undo”.
This will save the mail and not send it. You can edit or delete it again.

Gmail for iPhone and iPad: Retrieve email
The Gmail app for iOS will also show you for a short time after sending an email that the email was (allegedly) sent and that you now have the option to retrieve it.

If you decide to retrieve the email, you will be returned to the edit window immediately afterwards.