How to Log out Gmail Account? | Gmail Sign Out Shortcut

I’ve already told so much about Gmail on the site that you can lose your account. Some might think I spend too much time here, but I don’t – I’m just trying to answer questions that users have. So the other day another question came from one of the readers: he writes that he managed to register in this mail service, but he can not leave it. A few years ago I would have smiled at such a question, but now I’m laughing – the Gmail interface is really far from perfect and it can be confusing.

Once in the interface, you’ll see a list of emails in front of you (or you won’t see, as in my case – my “Sent” folder was empty).

Direct our view to the right and top of the screen. Here you will see the address of your account (mail), which is also a button. Click on the address and a window will pop up, which includes a button with the inscription “Exit”.

After that you will be on the main page of the mail service, where you can choose a login (if you have more than one). Or you will see one login that you use. That will be all.