How to Get More Storage on iPhone for Free | Increase Storage on iPhone

So simple, but so effective: A simple trick on the iPhone is enough to free up several gigabytes of memory.

Storage space is a precious commodity. Especially with the iPhone models, which are still equipped with a meagre 16 gigabytes of memory, every megabyte counts. And if you’re not careful, you take the phone out of your pocket to capture a moment with the camera, and as soon as you press the shutter button, the smartphone simply reports that there’s not enough memory.

But there’s a curious trick to free up space on the iPhone without deleting photos, music or apps – all you have to do is pretend to rent a movie from the iTunes Store app. tried this trick and was able to reclaim more than 10 gigabytes of storage space on an iPhone 7 with 128 GB. And best of all, this trick doesn’t cost money, nor is it a risk to your files.

The trick for more memory on the iPhone

Open iPhone’s System Preferences and tap General, then tap About. This shows how much memory is still available on the iPhone. Our test iPhone still has 8.98 GB of memory available.

Now open the iTunes Store app and choose a movie – don’t worry, you won’t rent the movie or pay any money for it.

But the film must have one important prerequisite: The download of the film must be larger than the remaining memory space on the iPhone – otherwise this trick won’t work. You can see the size of the download of a particular film by scrolling down on the iTunes page of the film to the “Information” item. An example of a particularly large movie is Cleopatra with 10.5 GB. Thus, it also exceeds the free memory of almost nine gigabytes that is still available on the test device.

Once you have found a sufficiently large film, tap “Rent” twice. Now two things can happen: Either the iPhone will answer immediately and let you know that there is not enough memory on the device. Tap on “OK” and the purchase will be cancelled. Or the iTunes Store will download for a while and then finally ask for the password or fingerprint for the logged in Apple ID. Again, simply cancel the purchase.

That’s it. Now go back to the settings and check if something has changed in the available memory. Repeating this process several times can free up additional memory. In our self-experiment, the free memory more than doubled from 8.9 GB to 19.7 GB.

Why does the trick work?
The iPhone does not conjure up the extra storage space out of thin air. Our guess of what happens with this trick Probably iOS cleaning up the temporary files. If you use apps like Facebook, Spotify, or, you’re constantly downloading large amounts of data in the form of videos, photos, and music. Instead of deleting this data immediately, iOS stores it in the iPhone memory so that it is available the next time you use the app.

If you try to rent a movie that is too large for the remaining memory, the iPhone will start deleting these temporary files to make room. And if you look at the amount of memory that different apps on the iPhone consume after the trick, you notice that some of them have actually become smaller.

But this also means that the smaller the internal memory of the iPhones is, the less temporary files are kept by iOS and there are less to delete – so the results will not be as lavish on a 16GB iPhone as on a 128GB iPhone. Nevertheless, even with iPhones with less memory, users report online storage gains of several hundred megabytes to several gigabytes – so it’s definitely worth trying out.