How to Fix Server Timeout in Pubg Mobile?

The gaming experience from one mobile phone to another can vary substantially. And although it may seem unfair, a player worse than you can have a lot of advantage if their handset is more optimized for the same game. PUBG Mobile is not an exception and sometimes you experience problems that affect the performance of the game, we are going to tell you some tricks to be able to solve those problems.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an online game and starting to experience lag or performance issues in the graphics. This can be a huge loss of advantage, and you may see the bullet in your head before you hear the shot. To avoid these performance problems, related to the dreaded lag or similar, we can always touch and try to change certain settings to try and improve the problem before the phone ends up being stamped on the wall.

How to Fix Server Timeout in Pubg Mobile?

Change server
One of the first tests we can perform is to check if we are connected to the ideal server, which also influences a better or worse game experience. To do this we’ll need to click on the Select Mode button located under the Start button in the Lobby screen, then press the server button in the upper right corner. Now we’ll have to choose the server with the lowest ping value.

The right graphics
It is convenient to check if the graphics setting is compatible with our mobile phone. You can do it from the settings in the lower right corner of the Lobby screen, go to the Graphics menu and click on “change graphics settings”. Here we can see and modify if necessary, if by chance we are using a configuration not recommended for our mobile, and that may be affecting performance.

Alternating the connection
Sometimes it is effective to change the connection mode between 4G or Wi-Fi or move to a place with a better connection. If our data network is overloaded or Wi-Fi is experiencing problems, switching between the connection type can save our asses in a game where we’re having trouble. Exiting the game and freeing up some space on the device usually works, as space issues sometimes affect game performance.

If all else fails
Finally, if all of the above fails, you can always press the “Repair” button on the right side of the login screen. This way, critical game files are reinstalled and the default settings are restored, although we won’t lose our account or progress. If this doesn’t work either, Tencent recommends re-downloading and reinstalling the game.