How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently? | How do I Delete a Gmail Account?

Some time ago I was talking about how to create a Gmail account. For those who don’t remember, I remind you that the Gmail project belongs to Google and is considered to be one of the best quality mail services in the world. Even so, sometimes you need to delete your email. I will tell you how to do it.

The main problem is that Google periodically changes the design of its services, respectively, the interface also changes. For example, the manual on deleting a mailbox, written in 2010, for example, is completely unsuitable for 2014. Take this into account and do not get confused. It is possible that this manual, which you will read, will also become outdated in a few months. I hope this does not happen.

The first is to enter your e-mail address by entering your login and password.

In the upper right part of the screen you can see your login. Click on it and a menu will appear. Click on the “Account” button.

Now we are in the Account settings section. The first step is to register with Google+, if you haven’t already done so.

Select the tab “Data Management” – “Account Management” – “Delete Account and Data”.

Finally, we get to the page where you need to confirm the deletion of your profile. Here you should also put all the checkmarks, enter the password from the mail and press the big red button. The account will be deleted. It is impossible to restore it.