How to Create a Group Mailing List in | Gmail List of Email Addresses

Are you wondering how to make a Gmail newsletter? Gmail continues to be one of the most popular email services with many features, but it also has its own.

How to make a mailing list in Gmail

To start with, you need to start a mailing list via gmail, and then start a mailing list.

1. Create contacts

You should go to Contacts via the link and click on the “New contact” button on the right side above:

Create contacts, for which you will send your e-mail. Actually, these contacts will be your addressees.

There are three ways to do this.

Option 1. Manually.
You manually enter each contact.
And you write down each column (name, company, position, email address, etc.) in the contact card:
After everything is added, you get a group of contacts:
Option 2: Import by list
Also, to create a Gmail mailing list, you can simply download the contact list you’ve prepared in advance in Google Table or Excel:

Don’t forget that you need to save your document in .csv format. In this list you can specify different data:

last name,
the post office,
the phone and so on..:

Option 3. Synchronize accounts on all devices: Option 3.
If you are logged in to one Google Account on several devices, your contact book will be constantly updated with new contacts from all devices.

2. 2. Create groups of contacts
To start a mass mailing of gmail, you also need to prepare groups of contacts to whom our mails are intended. Once we have manually created contacts, they should be united into a group.

Since the contacts were created in two ways, there will also be several options for creating groups.

Option 1. Manually
Create a group and follow the instructions by adding contacts from the list.

Go back to the contacts section. To avoid highlighting each contact separately, highlight one:

Go to the checkbox and click “All”:

Next, click on “Manage groups” and select the one in which you want to merge your contacts.

If you haven’t created a group or need a new one for some reason, click on “Create a group”:

Give the group a name:

And in the “Groups” section, you can see our new group:

Option 2. When importing
When you import a contact list, the group is created automatically right away. If necessary, you can rename it:

Group Imported

3. Create and send a message
Traditionally, there are three ways to create and send a message.

Method 1. Send an email to gmail:
Create an email directly from your contact group. You need to highlight all your contacts and select an email icon:

A window appears in which you create the necessary one or add a pre-prepared letter:

Method 2. Google mailings:
Go to your inbox and click the button to create an email:

Write to Gmail

In the column “To” enter the name of the group that you need:

All your group’s contacts are pulled up:

Uploaded group in Gmail

You can also select multiple groups.

We saw how to send an email to multiple Gmail recipients. As it turned out, creating mass mailings isn’t difficult at all.

Google Gmail allows you to send up to 500 free messages per day. By paying from $30 per month, your limit will increase to 2000 messages per day, so you can send even more emails.

This service is designed rather to notify a specific group of people.

In it you will not be able to make a beautiful letter, work with advanced segmentation or set up a trigger for your letters.

In addition, letters will not be adaptive, and in our region the percentage of opening letters on mobile phones reaches 40%.