How to Change Time on iPhone, iPad? | Change the Date in iOS

the iOS operating system is much clearer and easier for a user who has just started using a smartphone than the Android operating system. However, personally, I think that all this concerns only iOS, starting from the sixth generation and below. The seventh version of the OS is really easy to get confused, as the new owners of iPhones and iPads say. In particular, many do not know how to change the time on the iPhone or iPad. It’s actually easier to make it, which you will see right now.

How to Change Time on iPhone, iPad? – Change the Date in iOS

On the desktop, we find the “Settings” icon.

Then, when you’re on the menu, select the “Basic” section.

Here you will see a number of settings. Just below is the “Date and Time” section – tap on it.

In this section we see the time format (12 or 24 hours), time zone, etc. Tramp on the section “Setting the date and time“.

The time in iOS is set with a funny drum that you have to spin up and down.

To change the date, click on the current date and the date drum will appear.

After you set the time, nothing to do, it is automatically saved, so you can simply go to your desktop by pressing the Home button.

In conclusion, the device on which I showed you the example is equipped with iOS 6. If you are using a more modern version of the operating system, i.e. 7 or even 8, do not worry – the date changes exactly the same way on them.