How to Change Instagram password on iPhone, Android – Browser

From time to time you should change your Instagram password. We’ll explain how to do that. Read here the instructions for the iPhone, for Android phones and how to do this in the browser on your PC.

Nobody should use the same password everywhere and forever. First of all, you have to create a secure password and then you should change it regularly. The following instructions describe how to change your Instagram password to protect against account and data theft.

Change Instagram password in the app

First and foremost, Instagram is a service designed for use in mobile apps. That’s why you can change your Instagram password there. Amazingly, this is not done in the “Edit Profile” section. Instead, you can change your username and other things there. The menu item for changing your password can be found under the options in Instagram.

This allows you to change your Instagram password within the app:

Launch the Instagram app.
Tap the icon for your profile in the lower right corner.
On your profile page, tap the three dots (Android) or the cogwheel icon (iPhone) in the upper right corner. The settings page for the options opens.
Scroll down to Account and tap Change Password.
Now enter the old password and then enter the new password twice.
Now you have changed the password and must enter it the next time you log in.

Change Instagram password in the browser

You can also change your Instagram password in the browser. To do so, you must first open the page and log in with your current login information. Then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

On your profile page, you will find the Edit Profile button next to your username.
Clicking on it will open a settings page. On the left you will see the menu item Change Password.
Click on it and enter the old password first and then the new one twice.
Confirm the new password by clicking on the Change Password button and your new Instagram password will be saved. Remember that you must use this password when using the app.