Great Twitch Banner Design Tips and Tricks for Beginners

although Twitch has only been around for less than 10 years, the streaming platform has about 15 million users every day and continues to grow. This includes an increased focus from gaming to more general topics and brands that promote themselves in an unconventional way – making it even more difficult to distinguish themselves from other Twitch streamers. An excellent twitch banner can help.

One of the best ways to attract new viewers and leave a lasting impression is to place it in the top right-hand corner of your channel. The banners on Twitch are one of the most eye-catching graphical elements a Twitch profile has, and it’s no surprise that many top streamers have taken advantage of its branding potential.

There are countless ways to get your channel’s content across using your Twitch banner, and we’re here to show you the right way. We’ll show you the sizes and measurements of a twitch banner, how to tell a good banner from a bad one, and the best tips for designing your own twitch banner.

Twitch Banner Design Tips and Tricks 2020

Your Twitch profile contains a number of personalizable features that you can use to promote your personal brand. Even if the banner is only one of them, it is the biggest and most visible feature and therefore needs to be particularly good. Also included:

your logo
your profile picture
an offline image
Panels (including more information about your channel)
Overlays (the video your viewer is watching)
optical and acoustic notifications

Consistency is important if you want all these elements to fit together and contribute to the overall tone of your profile. If an illustrated character acts as your logo, incorporate it into your banner to establish it as the face of your channel. Each of these elements must work together with the others to make a great brand. Don’t underestimate the importance of good branding on Twitch – it can take your channel’s success to the next level.

Sizes and dimensions for banners on Twitch
The recommended size for twitch banners is 1200px x 380px. For offline, HD and full screen, 1920px x 480px is recommended as the quality is significantly reduced on larger screens.

The maximum file size is 10MB and the file type can be either GIF, JPEG or PNG. Remember that the banner is stretched in width. The stretching occurs on the right side, as twitch banners align with the left side of the user interface. Place graphics and branding on the left side so that they remain visible in any browser regardless of the different widths and resolutions.

What content does your banner need?
When it comes to content, you should put as much branding as possible in your banner and let viewers know where to find you. First of all, your twitch banner needs really good graphic design or illustration. If you have a logo, it should be on the banner. Be sure to include information such as your name, channel URL, schedule, and social media profiles. You can also add partnerships and sponsors, although they shouldn’t be too dominant.

What makes a good banner design for Twitch?
To create a successful twitch banner, it is important to understand the goals of the design. Ideally, a good banner design will reveal who you are, what content viewers can expect, and get people to follow you. Your twitch banner may be visually appealing, but if it’s not optimized to meet these goals, it’s ineffective. Therefore, a successful twitch banner…

Appropriate to the target group
Good twitch banners make targeted design decisions based on the target group. Consider how your viewers use Twitch and what content they expect from you. If your channel’s focus is on a specific genre, make sure your design matches the mood of the games. Make your banner a window into that world while maintaining your own individuality.

A good twitch banner avoids too many graphics and overly stimulating color schemes to maintain attention and direct the view to important information. White space, along with as little text as possible, can be your friend. Use the “rule of thirds” – divide the banner into three thirds to a grid with horizontal and vertical lines to arrange text and graphics into a balanced design. Visitors spend an average of 15 seconds or less browsing your Twitch page, so be clear.

Since the banner is such a large graphic, one can quickly tend to overdo it with the design and prefer to focus on the visual impact rather than brand consistency. Think about how consistent fonts, color palettes, and graphics can convey what category your twitch channel and personal brand belongs to. That’s why uniformity is an important ingredient for a good twitch banner.

Colour alone has the power to convey personality, atmosphere, emotions and complex stories. Find colors that complement and enhance each other, including the colors you use for graphics (such as illustrated characters or sponsor logos). Vibrant colors can convey a strong personality that is better suited for action and fighting games, while imaginative designs can attract viewers interested in role-playing games.

People often remember characters and can easily associate the face of a grim mascot with your canal. If you’d rather not have an avatar, check out the prevailing design trends in your community and how you can present yourself in other ways. A catchy twitch banner doesn’t get lost in the crowd – it stands out.

It can help you look at other channels and learn what doesn’t work for you. Do you find huge logos with figures unbearable? Do bright colors distract you from other elements of the channel? Do plain, monotonous banners give the impression that there’s not much going on there? Your design preference can reveal a lot about your personality and a catchy twitch banner should be an expression of your personality.

The best tips for your twitch banner

Make sure the measurements are correct. Even the greatest designs are not worth the time and energy if the graphics are pixelated or cut off due to incorrect size and placement.
Twitch banners are most noticeable when they highlight certain elements. Your name, if not in the middle, should at least be larger than other text. Include other important information, such as your social media name.
Don’t be afraid to include as much of your branding as possible. Allow your Twitch persona to dominate the design of your banner, and make sure it runs through all the accompanying elements of your channel.
Keep the elements on your Twitch profile consistent. This includes your logo, offline image, panels and other eye-catching items on your page.
Avoid chaos. Use few elements, minimalist graphics, and clean fonts so viewers can understand your world on Twitch.
Over time, your content or interest may change. Leave room for you to evolve with your presence on Twitch.
Don’t forget the fun! Your enthusiasm for the games you play should be reflected in your banner.