Google Play Registration | How to Register Google Play Account

Just recently, the app store was called Android Market, but a little later it was decided to rename it Google Play. Well, the owner is a baron and can do whatever you want. Know that both of these names mean the same thing. But today we are interested in another question – I will tell you about how to register in this wonderful online store.

Computer registration.

In fact, it makes absolutely no difference whether you are going to register on your computer or directly on the smartphone or tablet. It’s just that in the first case everything is much more convenient.

And now the best part is that you just need to have a Gmail account, because all Google services are tied to it. On the website, I explained in great detail how to do this – follow this link and take a look. If you already have Gmail, you don’t need to do anything at all – just go to Play Market, enter your email address, password, and that’s it!

Sign up with your Android device – Mobile Phone

In case you did decide to register from the device itself, you can go through your browser to and register, as I mentioned above. Or you can create an account via Play Market. I will show you how to do it by example.

Step one. Add a new account. First, you need to write your name. You can, of course, invent fictitious data, but I recommend using real data – if your mail is lost or stolen it will be easier to recover it.

Step two. Now we have to choose our nickname for the mail. You can type in absolutely any word, but do not forget that many words have long been busy. Once you’ve decided on the name of the account, enter it and click “Next” (or just click on the arrow pointing to the right). If the name is busy, the system will tell you about it and prompt you to choose another nickname. Do not forget that you can only use Latin letters or numbers!

The third step. Here we need to enter a password, which is a minimum of 8 characters. And there is a simple protection – the system will not accept a password like 12345678, considering it too easy. I recommend using both letters of different case and numbers. And you can also add a few special characters to be calm for your account. Password is entered twice.

The fourth step. Choose a secret question and come up with an answer to it. I think you can figure it out on your own. Here you can also add an additional e-mail address, which in case of which will be sent a link to reset the password. It is not necessary to do it, but without a security question it is impossible to continue registration.

The fifth step. On this page you are invited to join the social network Google+. Either accept or reject the offer. It is simple and logical.

Step six. Here, Google offers to receive a newsletter from Play Market, as well as include a search history. As in the previous case, it’s up to you to decide.
Step seven. Inputting the captcha. It’s simple, so even a child can handle it.

Step eight. There’s information being saved. You can also add a credit card number here to buy apps.

Step nine. You’re on Google Play. Now you can buy apps or download free apps.

Yes, most importantly. Before starting this procedure, DO NOT switch on Wi-Fi (or 3G), because without the Internet you can’t even connect to the market!