Gmail | Where is the Archive and How to Use it? | How to Get Archived Gmail

The archiving feature of Gmail is a convenient way to keep your inbox clean and tidy without having to organize your mail directly and move it to specific folders. However, the feature is often confused with the label function, which can lead to confusion. How you can archive your messages under Gmail and where you can find them afterwards is explained in the following tip.

Gmail – Where is the archive and how to use it?

The archive feature should not be confused with the folders and labels. To archive mails, just follow these steps:

Mark the mails you want to archive in your inbox.
Finally, click on the Archive button (folders with an arrow pointing down).

In the Gmail mailbox, archiving means that you remove the mail from your inbox and the message can now only be retrieved under the item All messages. This way you can quickly restore a clear inbox without having to sort or delete mails directly. Of course you can also sort the archived messages later or put them back into your inbox.

Gmail – Archive mails to folder

If you don’t like the placement of all archived mails under the item All Messages, you can of course also simply create an archive label yourself and move the corresponding messages here. Simply proceed as follows:

  1. Click in the selection menu (left) on the item More
  2. Now scroll down and click on the menu item Create New Label.
  3. Under “Enter a new label name” enter e.g. Mail Archive and click on Create.
  4. Now mark the mails you want to move into the folder.
  5. Finally click on Move (folder symbol) and select your created archive label.

What is the ideal way for you to organize and archive mails? Do you use folder structures, different mail addresses, aliases or how do you personally get in touch with the flood of notifications? Let us know in the comments.