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Nowadays, any user of the World Wide Web can get an Electronic Mailbox, because it is very easy to do. It’s quite a different matter what resource to choose for it. For those who do not know – it is a mail service belonging to the most famous search engine in the world Google.

It’s worth noting that mail from Gmail is very convenient and thoughtful. However, in our opinion, the greatest beauty of this service is that there is the so-called two-step identification, which allows you to tie your e-mail box to your mobile phone. Therefore, no one can read your emails except you, because in order to enter the mailbox, you must first enter the code that came to the cell phone. For those who keep valuable information in the mail it is a very important service.

Free mailbox registration

We now proceed directly to registration. Follow the link and click “Create account“. It either looks that way

What’s your name. It’s not hard to guess that you have to give your first and last name here. Whether they should be real or fictional is up to you, but we think it’s better to specify the real data, as it’s not only more convenient for your conversation partners, but also helps to restore mail in case you lose access to it.

Come up with a username. You will have to come up with a nickname (login) which you will use to authorize in your mail. It should be noted that most of the “simple” logins are already occupied by users, so you will probably have to come up with something special. We hope that there will be no problems with it.

Come up with a password. The password must be complex. You can use this website. Do not try to use simple qwerty or 123456 views – attackers pick them up very quickly. You can create a complex password in this way: take a Russian word, for example, “Mowgli”. Write it in the English layout – you get Vfeukb. Perfect. Now add some numbers and symbols here, like this: %? Vfeukb1975. We got a 12 character password, which is very hard to find. And if you use double authentication, it will be simply impossible to get into your mailbox.

Confirm the password. Enter your password again in the field above.

Date of birth, Paul. It’s up to you to decide if you want to enter that information.

It’s your mobile phone. You don’t have to add a cell phone number at this stage.

A spare e-mail address. If you have a different mailbox, you can specify it. If you lose access, all the necessary information will be sent to it.

Prove that you are not a robot. Proving it is easy – you just need to enter a cappet, which, however, is not so simple. However, after a couple or three attempts, you will probably be able to enter incomprehensible characters.

Country. Here you need to specify the country of residence, although usually it is automatically displayed for your region.

DO NOT tick the box next to “I accept the Terms of Use…”, as without this it is impossible to continue registration.

Once all information has been completed, click on “Next”. Congratulations, the registration is complete!

In the next step you will be asked to add your photo, but you may not – as you wish.

To go to the mail, at the top of the same Google page click on the icon in the form of dots, and then select the mail service.

By the way, a very important detail – if you are authorized in the mail, in other services from Google you can go under the same login and you do not have to reauthorize, which is very convenient.

Dual authorization

And now we’ve got to the fun part. Now we’re going to tell you how to enable dual sign-on so that no one can get into your mailbox but you, of course.

On the right side of the screen, you can see the avatar. Click on it and select “My Account” from the drop-down menu.

Finally, I would like to remind you that it is highly desirable to use only the one in your name as a phone number. If you lose this phone, you can hardly regain access to your account. Be careful!