Firefox Disable Notifications Permanently | Block Push Notifications in New Versions of Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox announced the “Quieter permission” feature in new versions of the browser. Now the browser bar will display a warning that the push is blocked instead of a full subscription to the push notifications. By clicking on the lock icon, you will be able to unlock it.

The main purpose of this innovation is to make alerts for users less annoying and to enable more precise control over preferences.

It is important to understand:
The “Silent Notification” lock does not apply to sent push-mails, but only to subscribe requests, which will be marked with an appropriate icon in the browser bar.

Block notifications in Mozilla Firefox

Since January 7, Firefox has started automatically blocking the windows of fluffy subscriptions on websites. It looks like this:

When you visit a site where the collection of Push Tokens is installed, a dialog box icon appears in the address bar. By clicking on it a website visitor can reject notifications or subscribe to them. If you ignore the notification, it remains in the browser bar.

To block subscription requests permanently or, conversely, to add permissions for individual sites, you need to go to

“Firefox Settings” → “Privacy and Security” → “Permissions” → “Notifications” → “Settings”.

This window will list the blocked sites that previously requested permission to send in future.