Create New Gmail Account | New Account | How to Open Gmail Account?

Create New Gmail Account. With a few clicks you can easily and quickly create an account with Gmail. In this article we will guide you step by step through the account creation process. First choose a username for your Gmail account. This username will then also be part of your email address.

Create New Gmail Account – How to Open Gmail Account?

Go to the Gmail Sign up Internet address.
The ‘Create a Google Account‘ page should now appear in your browser.
Now fill in the fields provided: First name, last name, username and set a password.
Note: Gmail may notify you that the username you’ve chosen is already taken. The same applies if your password does not meet the requirements. In this case, simply choose another username or adjust your password.
After you have completed the form, click on the blue “Next” field.
Now the page “Welcome to Google” should appear.

Create a Gmail account: Choose a username and password.
“Welcome to Google” – the second step of opening an account with Gmail
In this step, further information about your person is required.

Fill out the given fields again: Phone number, e-mail address for account recovery, date of birth and gender.
Note: Telephone number and account recovery email address are not required. You can omit them.
Then click “Next” below.
The “Privacy and Conditions” page will now appear in your browser.
Enter your date of birth and your gender.
Customize privacy settings
You can now customize the privacy settings according to your needs. This is also possible after account creation.

You can now read the terms and conditions for data protection.
Scroll down to the end of the privacy terms.
Tip: Click “More Options” to set specific privacy settings.
Then click on the two grey boxes. By doing so, you accept the terms of use and agree to the data processing. Both are prerequisites for a Gmail account.
Then click on the “Create account” field. Now you are almost finished.
The “Welcome” page should now appear in your browser.

Optionally, make specific privacy settings.
Last step: Complete the account creation
Decide on an account view. You can change this setting at any time later.

Click on the “Next” field.
Finally, choose between three different account views: Standard, Normal and Narrow.
Then click on “OK”.
Your Gmail account is now created and ready to use.

Create New Gmail Account

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