Computer Time is Wrong What does That Mean? | How to Fix Clock?

Many users of computers and notebooks complain very often that their devices are constantly running out of time, so it has to be corrected periodically. And, as practice shows, sooner or later almost any of us faces this problem. Why does it happen? How do we fight this problem? We will tell you about all this right now.

Transition to winter and summer time

A few years ago in our country, every autumn and spring we used to turn the hands backwards or forwards one hour respectively. But then the government decided to cancel the transfers. Except that Windows operating system, whether it is XP, Vista or 7, still automatically shifts the hands!

To make sure that this doesn’t happen, we recommend that you disable automatic transfers of the hands. To do this, click on the electronic clock at the bottom right of the screen and click on “Change date and time settings…”.

On the “Date and time” tab, select “Change time zone…”.

In the window that opens, uncheck “Automatic daylight saving time and back“. For more details, see the screenshot:

Synchronization with the server

There is a problem of a different nature. By default, the operating systems are updated, which also affects the current time. In other words, as soon as you access the Internet, the system automatically synchronizes with the server and updates the time for your time zone. And since not all servers know that in Russia the clock hands are not translated anymore, this turmoil happens.

The solution is very simple. Click on the clock again, click on “Change date and time settings…” and then select the “Time online” tab.

Click on “Change Settings”. Uncheck the box next to “Synchronize with online time server” and click OK. That’s it, the synchronization is now completely off.

Battery on your motherboard

If you used the two methods described above, but it didn’t help you at all, it’s probably in the battery on your motherboard. Will many people be surprised – the battery? What kind of battery is that? It’s actually a very important element in any computer or laptop.

This battery is necessary for the BIOS system to be able to store data on the system settings, otherwise this data would be confused every time the PC is turned on, and then you would have to create new settings every time. Of course, this is insanely inconvenient. The battery is very helpful in this regard, and its lifetime can be decades, although it usually lasts 5-8 years.

It is installed on the motherboard and it is very easy to find it yourself – just look at the board. Replacing it is also easy, but remember to do it strictly when your PC is powered off. This battery can be purchased at any store that sells computer components, it is inexpensive. After you replace it, you should get rid of the problem completely.

Problem with your motherboard
Even if, after the battery has been replaced, the time continues to be reset, one of the motherboard elements may have ordered a long life. It is very difficult to find out this problem by yourself as there are no problems besides “temporary difficulties”, so we recommend you to take the “motherboard” to a service center for diagnostics.