Common WhatsApp Problems and Their Solutions

WhatsApp, the popular chat service, has grown considerably in recent years. All the more annoying if the service causes you problems. We give you tips and solutions so that you can continue to use WhatsApp without problems.

WhatsApp: Server Problems
Problems with the server occur rather rarely. If the servers should be overloaded nevertheless times, they can do as users nothing more than wait. Nevertheless, you can check whether this is a server problem or whether the cause is your device:
Go to “Settings -> Help -> System status”. To rule out server problems, the status “WhatsApp service is working properly” should be displayed there.
Twitter messages can also be another indication of server failure. In this case, WhatsApp reports the server failure via its account with the short message service.

WhatsApp: Chat Problems
Most of the time the problems are not caused by the server but by the device itself. In this case you can get the app running again via Settings or via your Internet connection.
Check your internet connection. Switch your WLAN and data network as well as the offline/flight mode off and on again. You can also log in to another WLAN network for a test.
If WhatsApp has hung up, exit and restart the application. You can also restart your smartphone to fix problems with the Messenger.
Make sure that WhatsApp is allowed to use background data. To do this, go to “Settings -> Data usage”. Scroll to the “WhatsApp” application and check if there is a check mark in “Restrict background data”. If so, remove the check mark.
Reinstallation: If all previous measures did not work, you can also uninstall the application and then reinstall it. However, you should make a WhatsApp backup first.

WhatsApp: Error messages
Whether you install WhatsApp or use the Messenger, error messages can occur repeatedly, making it difficult to use the application.
“SMS verification failed”: This error message often appears during the installation of WhatsApp. To solve the problem, make sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp and update the application if necessary. Make sure that your telephone number is entered correctly. Check your Internet connection. If the error is still present, restart your smartphone.
“Phone date is inaccurate”: If this message appears, the app no longer works correctly. Clear the application cache and reinstall WhatsApp. Go to the settings and select WhatsApp within “Apps”. Then tap “Clear Cache” or “Clear Data”. You should then reinstall the app.
“Error -24”: During the installation of WhatsApp the newly created folder “com.whatsapp” under /data/data may prevent the application from being set up. You can remove the folder with root access to the phone. Alternatively, you can reset your phone.
“Error while retrieving information from the server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]”: This error message may appear while paying for WhatsApp. Go to “Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store”, empty the cache there and delete the data. Restart the phone. At the end, log in to your Google Account by selecting “Settings -> Google” and then log in to your account area. After that you should be able to continue using WhatsApp as usual.

Problems with downloading and sending
With WhatsApp, you can send or download media files such as photos, videos, or audio files. It is only annoying if you cannot send or download these files. There are solutions for this as well.
The Internet: Make sure you have an Internet connection.
Memory: Make sure that there is enough space in the phone memory or SD card. You can check this under “Settings -> Memory”.
SD card: Sometimes the SD card may not be writable. If the files cannot be copied, you should format the card and back up all necessary data.