7 Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag Error | Play it Smoothly on Android

Today, mobile gaming is getting better every day as high quality games are available on mobile phones. Now those days when people play games on their PCs are over, as all these things are now easily available on smartphones with many additional features.

Some of the latest games on mobile platforms were Fortnite for Android and PUBG. When we talk about PUBG, it’s one of the best games there is to play, but there are many users who have reported some delays while playing games on mobile phones.

Now this problem is really irritating and frustrating because you can’t play the game smoothly. There can be several reasons for this, as these types of games have higher quality graphics, lots of animations and much more. All these things can obviously slow down your phone while playing PUBG.

We will discuss today in this blog what you should keep in mind Fixing delay problems with PUBG Mobile

Let’s see what one of the users reported about the delayed problem on Android while playing PUBG Mobile.

7 Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag Error

Fixed 1: What are the requirements to play PUBG on Android without delay?
Before you play PUBG for mobile, you should know the basic requirements. Because if you don’t have the PUBG Mobile requirements on your phone, you will obviously not be able to play the game smoothly.


Memory: 2.5 GB

OS- Android 5.1 or higher

GPU- Adreno 505 / Mali T830 or higher

Processor: Snapdragon 430 / Kirin -655 or higher

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Fixed 2: What are the basic optimizations to play PUBG on Android?
Some basic things you need to do to avoid delays in PUBG mobile gaming include

Reboot your device once before playing and it is better to clear the cache
Try not to play games with mobile data and connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi connection
Go to Battery Settings> Open the Battery Saver Mode and select PUBG> Click No Limitations to enable a fluid experience
If you play a game over Wi-Fi, it is better to activate Airplane Mode to stop unwanted calls or pop-ups
Do not play games while your phone is in charging mode

Fixed 3: Uninstall and reinstall PUBG
If you encounter a delayed problem with Android while playing, there is one thing you can do to fix the problem. Simply uninstall the game and reinstall and reinstall it again. This can solve several problems, including delay problems.

In fact, if the installation of the game is bad, it will never work properly. So try this procedure to fix the PUBG Mobile Lag problem on Android.

Fixed 4: Clear cache and data of the PUBG mobile game
Another useful way to solve the problem with PUBG Mobile Lag is to clear the cache and data of the respective app. Proceed as follows to do this:

First, on your phone, go to Settings
Then switch to Apps or App Manager or Applications
Then click on “All Apps” and search for PUBG Mobile. Then click on it
Now click on Empty Cache. If a storage option is available, click on it and clear the cache and data of the app

Fixed 5: Fixed network and ping problem in PUBG
Some of the users have reported that the problem of delay is a high ping problem or a high packet loss. When an action is performed in game, it is sent to the server. This ping indicates how long it takes to reach the server, and in fact this is what happens.

If you have a higher ping, the longer it takes to fire a weapon. And almost every game uses ping and it should be low as a competitive aspect.

To resolve this problem, make sure you are connected to the correct server when playing PUBG Mobile. You have the option to select the server in the upper left corner of the start screen. Just assume that you need to select North America if you are located in the USA.

Fixed 6: Enable developer options to make changes to issues with little delay
Enabling the developer option is not a difficult task. Just go to Settings> By Phone and then click “Build Number” five times.

Once the developer option is enabled, open it and make some changes as described below:

Window animation Scaled to 0.5 times
Scale animator duration to 0.5 x
Transition animation scaling to 0.5x
After you have changed these settings, proceed as follows:

Enable Force GPU rendering, Force 4x MSAA and Disable HW overlays

For Redmi users playing PUBG Mobile, you should enable MIUI optimization

Fixed 7: Reduce delay problem on PUBG Android using GFX tool
You may not be familiar with GFX Tool, but it was designed specifically for PUBG games. It is used to unlock Full HD graphics at 60 FPS and other graphics settings. This tool is available for Android and works in both Chinese and international game versions.