4 Ways to Restore Deleted Instagram Direct Messages (DM) on Android

Have you accidentally or unintentionally deleted Instagram direct messages?

Would you like to know how to retrieve them since you have no idea what to do and how to retrieve these deleted Instagram direct messages?

Don’t worry, not only you, but many Instagram users are faced with this situation and have the same question.

Well, Instagram is one of the most widespread and widely used social sharing platforms. It is used by all age groups, but sometimes it annoys users as it deletes some data that is important to the user.

The Instagram application uses the direct messaging feature for Android and iPhone users. However, many users have reported that their DM has been deleted and want it back. If this is also the case for you, you have landed in the right place.

Here in this blog I will discuss how to recover deleted Instagram direct messages. At the same time I will also discuss the reasons for deleting them.

Reasons for deleting Instagram direct messages
Now, as you know that there are always some reasons for deleting the data from the Android phone so here also means the same thing. Some reasons are:

accidentally or unintentionally pressing the delete option will delete all unwanted messages and other data
Previously infected files can damage other files, including Instagram DM
Due to a viral infection
Resetting to factory settings on the Android phone
There may also be other reasons for deleting Instagram direct messages.

Can you recover deleted Instagram direct messages?
Yes, you can recover deleted Instagram messages.

But remember that Instagram does not allow users to back up all their data or messages. So if messages are deleted for any reason, it is not possible to recover them from Instagram. You can use online Instagram message recovery for this purpose.

Does Instagram keep deleted messages?
No, Instagram does not save messages for you. All messages you send or receive are transmitted over the network and not stored on your servers. It means that whether it’s direct messages on Instagram or comments, all are stored on the phone and nowhere.

When you talk about photos, they are stored because they are treated differently, as these photos are used to make money for Instagram. You may know that this is why you have removed the copyright when you join the network.

How to recover deleted Instagram direct messages on Android?
Do you want to restore your deleted Instagram messages to Android? Don’t worry, now it’s time to go through the different methods you can use to recover deleted Instagram direct messages.

Way 1: Get deleted again Instagram DM Online
This method was developed by an Instagram employee to recover deleted DM online. This process requires you to log in to your Instagram account and then follow the steps below:

First, go online to Instagram Message Recovery and enter the username or profile URL
After successfully logging in to your account, click “Restore messages” to start the process
Finally, finish the human verification to prove that you are human and all your erased DM will be restored

Way 2: To restore DM using the Instagam download feature
With Instagram, users can download their data such as comments, photos, profile information and others. Remember, however, that only one request is processed from the account and it may take 48 hours to gather all the information needed.

First, go to Instagram and enter the correct login information
Now tap on the profile symbol in the upper right corner

Then click Settings> Privacy and Security when the pop-up window appears

After that, go down and search for data- Download and tap Request Download

Enter the e-mail address from which you want to receive the link, then tap Next

Way 3: Get your Instagram DM back from the user you sent
This is also an important option that allows you to restore DM to Instagram. When chats or messages are deleted, they originate only from your side, not from the person you sent.

This means you can ask others for help and ask them to resend those messages to you. This is the easiest way to recover deleted Instagram direct messages only if they have not deleted them from your account.

Way 4: Restore Instagram messages from a connected Facebook account
If you do not have the option for deleted Instagram DM, you can get these messages back from Facebook when you connect. Yes, when Facebook and Instagram are connected, you can access and easily manage your DM from your Facebook inbox.

Follow the steps below:

First go to Facebook and log in with your username and password. Then check your Facebook inbox
Now click on the Instagram Direct icon in the left menu bar and you will get all DM from Instagram here