4 Reasons | Why Buying Instagram Followers Ruined your Account?

Everyone’s talking about it. Nobody does (allegedly).

Buying Instagram followers is the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden these days.

An apple that fewer and fewer people can resist. No wonder, because buying 10,000 followers for 100$ € is after all easier than investing months or years of work in building up your reach.

It can only be guessed how many followers are actually bought.

Search statistics from Google Trends show that interest in buying followers has increased five to seven times since early 2014 (while the general interest in getting more followers on Instagram has increased only slightly)

Weird, right?

And I’ll tell you right off the bat:

you really should not touch that apple! No matter how red and shiny it may look. It’ll only poison your Instagram account.

But let’s start at the beginning:

1. what does it mean to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers simply means that you pay money to have Instagram users subscribe to your channel.

If these were real and active subscribers interacting with your content, the whole thing would probably be half as bad.

But the problem is that they are fake accounts. That means accounts that don’t link anything, don’t comment on anything, and usually don’t post pictures themselves. In addition, 99% of the time they don’t even come from German speaking countries and therefore can’t read your texts.

Let’s take a closer look at this

2. what exactly are these accounts?

If you want to buy Instagram followers, you can get different “qualities”:

There are accounts that are created en masse by one person and are very cheap to get.

They’re easy to spot because they’re…

often have no profile picture.
have only 1 to 3 pictures in the feed.
have a gibberish username like @iueaufa or @flkafl
follow many accounts, but have hardly any followers themselves (often the ratio is 30:1 or even higher)
But if you pay a little more, you can get even better “quality”:

These are then accounts that belong to “real” users (at least that’s what the providers promise):

These can be identified by the fact that…

it often involves men from the Arab world
they have a profile picture.
they even post something once in a while.
they have subscribed to thousands of channels themselves. But the rate of subscribers to subscribe is a little better than with the cheap version. Sometimes such profiles even have an amazing number of subscribers.
How does it all work?

Of course it’s all about money: If someone creates thousands of channels themselves, they can keep all the money you pay for followers. In return, the risk that Instagram will detect the fakes is quite high. Instagram doesn’t like them and regularly deletes accounts that look suspicious. Why this also matters to you – I’ll come back to that in a moment.

On the other hand, if you want “real” accounts, the merchant who sells them has to pay something to the individual users. Most of the time these are only fractions of cents per subscribed account or credits, with which the people within the diving network can buy followers themselves.

For us these are extremely low amounts, which is why they are rarely European or American accounts.

3. where can you buy Instagram followers?

You can buy Instagram followers on an incredible number of websites. If you search Google, you’ll find them all over the place.

How to find the right offer?

I have no idea.

All of them do something shady. There’s no one to control it. Often they are just middlemen who resell followers from other traders or exchange networks.

The promises that these are accounts where you can’t tell that they have been bought are not kept in 99% of all cases.

4. why you should never buy Instagram followers

It does indeed sound tempting:

You pay a small amount of money, get 10,000 followers overnight, and the dream of all the collaborations and deals, a high reach and interaction rate, becomes reality.


Buying followers will damage your Instagram account instead!

And this for several reasons:

Reason #1: Fake followers do not interact with your content
No matter what quality purchased Instagram subscribers claim to have:

such followers will never link or comment on any of your images.

And that has serious consequences:

This not only drives your engagement rate down, which some companies may well look at, but more importantly, it causes the Instagram algorithm to classify your content as inferior. Because good content generates interaction, bad content is ignored.

So your reach will rather decrease due to the bought followers. You will reach fewer people and get fewer genuine new subscribers. So you will hardly grow organically. If at all.

Reason #2: The fakes are gradually saying goodbye to your account
In fact, it is probably the case that not only do you not grow or stagnate, but you even lose followers. This can happen gradually over several days, weeks or months or even suddenly at one go.