10+ Advanced PUBG MOBILE Tips And Tricks to Become The Best and Win All Games

Now that PUBG is available on console, the community has grown even more with many new players taking their first steps into the ruthless world of Battle Royale. If you’re one of the newcomers to the game, we’ve put together 10 tips and tricks for PUBG that will help you be more effective on the field and will certainly help you win your games and finish in the TOP 1.

Let’s not beat around the bush for 107 years with useless jibber-jabber, here’s what you need to do in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to become the best!

PUBG Tip 1 – It all starts with good preparation, avoid the influential areas!

When you’re in the plane ready to land on an area of the game, choose a secluded spot to avoid falling on a dozen or so players who will be on your tail. When you’re a beginner, good preparation is the key to success. You don’t need to look for a fight, you’re not in a CoD or Battlefield.

Here, the goal is to survive and finish your games in the TOP1. The longer you avoid the confrontation, the better your preparation will be. Look for all the items and weapons you can use, keeping an eye on the game area so you don’t get out of bounds. Only face other players in the game when necessary or if the situation is favourable to you. Once you know the right items and game practices, you’ll be able to go head-to-head with the veterans!

PUBG Tip 2 – Watch out for visual cues, but also for sound cues!

There is a multitude of information to take into account when you are in the field, both visual and sound cues. Always be attentive to what is around you when you are moving around, don’t hesitate to move your camera often to be sure you don’t have any opponent(s) coming at you who are outside your field of vision.

Also, when you’re in a house looting things, pay attention to sounds. Footsteps will indicate that you are not alone on the premises! If you pay attention to these kinds of details, you will gain a significant strategic advantage over players who do not care about these details.

In fact, it is highly recommended to play PUBG with headphones over your ears to be more attentive to the slightest sound and better determine the source of a sound such as footsteps or a burst of gunfire in the environment around you.

PUBG Tip 3 – Quickly jump out of the plane to be the first to land!

A trick that will give you a head start on your opponents. Think about it, the quicker you jump out of the plane, the quicker you reach the game zone! You’ll gain precious seconds over your opponents who will have deployed in the same zone as you, but with a delay of several seconds. Enough time for you to find a weapon and make your first kills at nearby players who are desperately looking for something to defend themselves with.

PUBG Tip 4 – Bushes are precious allies, but also formidable enemies!

Just like a certain Fortnite, in PUBG it is possible to take advantage of the elements of the scenery to camouflage his presence. And what could be better than becoming a living bush? Many of the bushes scattered throughout the map are large and dense enough to camouflage your presence. Wait for the best moment lurking in the shadows to take advantage of this great opportunity to make a not very fair kill. There’s no need for remorse in a game of Battle Royal, all means are good to finish in the top 1 and hiding is one of the good strategies to apply.

But beware, if you know this technique, other players certainly know it! So, if you think you’ve seen something moving and you’re intrigued, don’t ignore the possibility that a player is in a bush and waiting for you to turn your back on them to take you out of the game.

PUBG Tip 5 – Watch out for house doors and always clean a building in the middle before looting!

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a game and you’re in a position to loot a maximum of good things before the final top 10. If you visit buildings, always remember to secure each room before looting anything.

A player might have left loot in the building on purpose to bait you and shoot you in the back when you think you’re alone on the premises. Visit every room, every nook and cranny and make sure no one is waiting in a corner to ambush you!

Also keep in mind that all the doors to the game buildings are closed when you start a game. If a door in a building is open, someone has been there and may still be on the premises. If you yourself leave a door open, you leave a visual indicator to the other players that you are on the premises, or a trace of your passage – don’t forget it!

PUBG Tip 6 – Equipment will determine your chances of survival!

There are a couple of things to mess up quickly when you start a game of Battle Royale on PUBG. Make sure you find an assault rifle, bulletproof vest, helmet, backpack and medical kit as quickly as possible. This is the ultimate survival kit! The assault rifle will allow you to engage the enemy at mid range and at close range.

The bullet-proof vest and helmet will allow you to take more damage before succumbing and the health kit will allow you to heal yourself when you are caught in a hail of bullets and they have caused damage to your health bar.

In addition, the backpack will allow you to carry more items. There are several levels for each item. The bigger the number, the better your loot, think about it!

PUBG Tip 7 – Change your shooting mode according to the situation!

In the previous tip, we recommended that you quickly get your hands on an assault rifle. Please note that you can change the shooting mode of a weapon at any time and it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this aspect of the gameplay.

So, if you are in a partitioned area and you are facing an opponent, prefer the automatic mode which will allow you to shoot long bursts very quickly. Since you’ll be in short-range combat, you won’t really need to manage the recoil of your weapon.

If, on the contrary, you’re in a bullet-swap with an enemy and the enemy is at medium or long range, prefer the mode to the blow-by-blow. This will give you more accuracy when shooting at the enemy and avoid wasting bullets unnecessarily.

PUBG Tip 8 – Learn how to differentiate between care kits and take advantage of some bonus benefits!

In PUBG you will find Healing Kits that will only bring back 75% of your health points and rarer Medkits that will bring back all your health points.

But not only, there are also several bonuses such as adrenaline or painkillers that allow you to periodically recover health points. You can take advantage of this aspect to wait longer before returning to the limits of the game area and thus brave the gas.

This will give you a strategic advantage over ill-prepared players who will hurry back into the safe zone before the gas gets the better of them. You might very well take advantage of your periodic care bonuses to arrive a few seconds after the game zone is closed and hit other players in the back when they are not expecting it if the situation presents itself to you.

PUBG Tip 9 – Use vehicles with caution and only when necessary!

You are clearly not in a GTA. Driving around in a jeep on the battlefield without worrying about what might happen to you is certainly not good practice. It’s even suicidal! In addition to making noise, the vehicles will easily give your position to other players, who will only have to take advantage of the situation to put you out of the game.

Vehicles should only be used to quickly cross an area. If you are too far from the game limits and the gas could kill you at any moment, then it is highly recommended that you speed away with a vehicle.

PUBG Tip 10 – Keep your distance from the red areas, you’ll end up burned out!

You’ve probably noticed it by yourself even if you’ve already done some PUBG games on PC or console, large red areas appear randomly on the MAP… These are not areas where you should linger! The red color of the area means danger!

The red areas of PUBG are covered with explosions until the zone change, if you stay on the spot and brave the danger, all you will win is to end up burnt out. At best, get out of the area quickly, if this is not possible then hide in a building until the storm subsides.