%100 Working Pubg Mobile AIMBOT – WALLHACK [Emulator 2020 NEW]

We have just released the first Playerunknown’s Battleground cheat software! It is of excellent quality and will allow all of you to make some of the most incredible games ever. Of course you will be able to use our PUBG cheat in many different ways, starting with the so-called “horse” method: On the plane you will shout to your buddies and then the race begins, the aimbot activated, by pressing your magic hotkey, you run in the corridors ready to one tap all the players you meet on your way… You then stop to loot them, and you start again… You see where I’m going with this? A good game of horse riding, full Aimbot at 40+ kills at the end.

Now let’s be a little “safe” or “nice” with the other players: let’s take case number two, the one where you yell “and then you jump out of the plane and dive into the city at over. Isn’t life great? You rustle the door of the first bulding, you close it, and you will equip yourself as the most worthy survivor, of course.

To see more clearly, you activate your radar/Wallhack, which gives you the position of the weapons, but also of your enemies. Might as well tell you that you’re a pain in the ass. And then you can try to play it without the aimbot! It will save you from being burned by the guys on the other side… and yes, they’re not all crazy, if you blow 45 kills per game, there’s a time when you’re a little bit toasty, my friends!

How to cheat on PUBB?
Yes, yes, I’ll tell you how to do it! Just download our cheating software by clicking on the download button at the top of this page. I’ll add a little “example” video that will help you understand how to use our cheat without paying anything to anyone! It takes 3 little minutes, so check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Once you have downloaded the software, all you have to do is install it. We have made it very easy to use. Once the software is installed, launch your game, start a game, and press the “Delete” key. This will allow you to configure your keyboard shortcuts for the aimbot, the wallhack and the radar!

Note that you will be able to make a game without cheating at all if you decide to! All you have to do is not activate anything. You can for example reserve the use of the hack for special moments… Or you are surrounded for example, or if you hear an enemy nearby! Isn’t that nice?!

Why cheat on Playerunknown’s Battleground?
When you know that the cheat detection system is completely non-existent at the moment, when you know that none of our more than 10,000 regular users have been banned, the question is: “why not cheat? ยป

Indeed, as we have seen together, it is quite possible to use our cheat only in case of extreme usefulness, as your secret weapon… In this case the game experience is not completely scorned, even if it gives you a definite advantage.

Moreover, it is obvious and has been proven many times that the use of cheat software like an aimbot, trains players to play, and helps them to “step up”, to progress. This has been the case for many players of Counter Strike GO for example, even in the professional environment. Or in the case of scripting on LOL. We don’t invent anything…

Our opinion on the game
You may have understood, but we are no strangers to PUBG! We sanded it very extensively, for more than 60 hours, solo, duo and squad! Nothing to say about this last one, it’s catchy, we freak out well when we reach the top 10, we’re well immersed, the sound is very good too.

Everything is based on the decision making, you will be able to make or not to make pokers that will turn the game upside down. Between hiding behind that tree in the hill, or behind that rock just a stone’s throw from the gas? Make the right choice, because the outcome of the game depends on it. Obviously with a cheat you have a significant advantage! No need to explain why.